Reading List

Serious stuff

  • The Description Logic Handbook 2nd ed. (Baader,, borrowed from Pascal (now is put on the lab’s shelf)
  • Handbook on Ontologies (Staab & Studer), borrowed from Pascal
  • Computational Complexity (Papadimitriou), borrowed from Fasilkom’s library
  • Computability, Complexity and Languages (Davis & Weyuker), borrowed from Fasilkom’s library
  • Introduction to the Theory of Complexity (Bovet & Crescenzi), borrowed from Fasilkom’s library
  • Information Sharing on the Semantic Web (Stuckenschmidt & van Harmelen), borrowed from Fasilkom’s library
  • Languages and Machines 3rd ed (Sudkamp), bought from Wright State bookstore.
  • Fundamentals of Database Systems 6th ed (Elmasri & Navathe), bought from Amazon
  • Operating Systems Concepts 8th ed (Silberschatz, Galvin & Gagne), bought from Amazon
  • [Wish list] Computational Complexity: A Modern Approach (Sanjeev Arora & Boaz Barak)
  • [Wish list] Computational Complexity: A Conceptual Perspective (Oded Goldreich)

Non-serious stuff

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